International Forum of Civil Participation #WeAreTogether
Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”

December 5-7, 2022
About the Forum

On December 5-7, Moscow will host the International Forum of Civil Participation #WEARETOGETHER.

The Forum is a space of opportunities and mutual assistance, where every person can be useful to everyone. The purpose of the Forum is to build a community of caring people, leaders of social changes who share the values ​​of #WEARETOGETHER and are ready to act to improve the quality of life in Russia and abroad.


Topics of the Forum
  • Advanced green technologies
  • Best eco-volunteering practices
  • Successful ESG cases
  • Sharing-economy
  • Conscious consumption

Social services
  • Charity
  • Social innovations
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Supporting socially vulnerable groups
  • Social role of business amidst the pandemic
  • Integrating NGOs into the teaching process
  • New generation soft skills
  • Corporate training
  • Educational activities
  • Humanitarian cooperation
  • Social consolidation and emergency response
  • Sustainable development
  • Communication.Practice
  • Communication.Trends
  • Communication.Meaning
  • Communication design
  • Impact media
  • Digital transformation
  • Social and cultural projects
  • Cross-culture communication
  • Art residences
  • Creative industries
Health and sports
  • From volunteers to doctors
  • Psychological support practices
  • Well-being technologies
  • Volunteering at major events
#WeAreTogether International Prize
The result of the Forum is the awarding by the first persons of the country of the winners of the International Prize #WEARETOGETHER.

The main goal of the Prize is to recognize and support the leaders of socially significant initiatives aimed at helping people and improving the quality of life in Russia and the world.
#WeAreTogether International Prize
The Award Ceremony for the laureates of the We Are Together
International Prize is the culmination of the Forum.

We Are Together International Prize is the contest, aimed
to encourage citizens and organizations for their greater
contribution to solving important humanitarian problems.

The winners of the Prize will come up on the stage
to receive awards from the leaders of international
organizations in the field of medicine, business,
education and technologies, volunteering.
How it was

Who can participate in the Forum?
Citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign countries over the age of 18 can become participants of the International Forum of Civil Participation by passing pre-registration and receiving confirmation.
When and where will the Forum be held?
The Forum will be held on December 2-5, 2022 in Moscow
Can people with disabilities participate in the forum?
Yes, the Forum will be organized in such a way that people with disabilities can also take part in the business and cultural program of the Forum.
Where can I see the detailed program of the Forum?
The detailed program will be sent to confirmed participants.
Do you cover travel expenses to the venue of the Forum?
The organization of the transfer of participants to the venue of the Forum and in the opposite direction is carried out at the expense of the sending party. There is also the possibility of self-covering transportation costs.
Where can I ask questions to the Forum participants?
Contact email for general questions:
Can I get a certificate of participation? 
Yes, certificates will be sent to all participants who have visited the Forum by e-mail.

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